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Ali Taran has experienced 28 years of his more than 40-year advertising life as Ali Taran Creative Workshop / ATCW and is still experiencing.

ATCW has unique principles of outlook on work which we may call as ‘ATCW Style’. ATCW is an agency composed of experienced advertisers who have internalized and adopted these principles.

Let’s view ATCW Style under main headings so you may understand the distinction of ATCW easier in theory at least.

ATCW has a working discipline based on observing human socially and individually, understanding emotions, customs and traditions of an individual and consider these as “acceptances”.

This discipline for ATCW is the fundamental to professionalism of creative thinking and creative reach to fruition.

For ATCW, creativity is the tool while functionality is the goal.

ATCW creates privilege by performing the absolute conspicuous and enables transformation of communication from being momentary into investment.

ATCW has the feature of evaluating the process of finding the new, different and precious functional quickly and effectively by its competency in asking the right question, understanding correctly, assimilating correctly and thinking correctly and by its experience.

This gains ATCW idea, object, product, model, style, atmosphere, topic, direction, image, project, roadmap, campaign, added value and strategy creating professionalism in every conceivable subject, primarily in advertisement, from the beginning or as a follow-up.

ATCW is composed of a team adopted the abovementioned values as a principle and ‘professionalized in advertisement’.

ATCW does not earn any income which it has ‘not declared to its customers’ from works it performs or has 3rd parties make for its customers.

For 28 years!


Please do not submit any unsolicited ideas, scenarios and such works.


5. Gazeteciler Sitesi
Hare Sokak No:17
34335 Levent/İstanbul

Phone: +90 212 270 8600